Tory Andrews Jerks Off On Bed

We walk in on the video of Tory Andrews masturbating on the bed mid stroke.  He is clearly deep into his wild fantasies and stroking with some raw passion.   Get that dick boy!   Tory has been a star since his debut in gay porn in 2008.   Sometimes I wish Tory would take the top once just so I can see him deliver the hammer and see how he works his weapon.   No question though that he knows how to take a cock and get his mans rocks off quickly.  Thanks to Freshman X for another great jerk off video of Tory.

Give a one hand clap for the effort Tory is giving to send a massive load of cum all over himself and the bed.

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  1. Ronnie Kravitz says:

    Hey Tori..Just wanted to tell ya that I think you’re awesome and that you seem to be a very nice person and would love to meet and hang around with ya and stuff like that. I turned 21 this past July myself. am a student, and have a similar physique as you (5’9″ tall, 125 lb., long blondish-brown hair)

    Got a question for ya. I’m from Canada and have a job all lined up once I grad. in San Luis Obispo,Ca. I was wondering if you’ve ever been there and if so, what’s it like?

    Take care and talk to ya soon, and looking forward to us just talking and being friends.


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