Tory Andrews Fucked By Jesse

Shaggy haired boy Tory Andrews is sitting with his buddy Jesse and looking to get a good hard dicking.   That is exactly what happens as these two boys raging hormones take over and they begin to fuck like wild rabbits.  In this FreshmanX set, Tory Andrews ends up taking the bottom position and opening his asshole for Jesse’s hard cock.   After the fucking, Jesse blows his load all over the chest of Tory.

Tory Andrews & Jesse

Tory Andrews and his buddy Jesse caught up in a deep kiss while they both grab at each others packages.

Tory unzips Jesse's pants

Tory Andrews has his shirt off and his jeans and boxers are nearly off as well.  That means its time to get Jesse’s pants off too.

Tory Andrews Blowjob

Get that cock Tory! With his dick in hand, Tory starts to lick the tip making sure Jesse is rock hard so it penetrates his ass with authority.  And trust me Tory Andrews got his ass banged big fucking time.   You have to see the cumshot Jesse has all over Tory’s chest.

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  1. jesse says:

    I liked this one with Tory and myself! It was really hott and fun to do=totally wasn’t work 4 me and I’m sure he would say the same! Hope his hott lil ass is still tworkin it;-)

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