Tory Andrews Ass Fucked Hard

Raise your free hand if you want to see Tory Andrews get his tight ass fucked hard.   Well that is just what we have in store for you in this Freshman X set featuring Tory and his boy Jesse.   In the past post we saw that Tory was about to start blowing Jesse’s cock, but now we see Jesse returning the favor and sucking him off.  And now time for Tory to lay on his back and let his asshole gets pounded hard.

Jesse Kissing Tory Andrews

These two gay boys are clearly enjoying themselves as they participate in a deep long kiss with tongue.

Jesse Blows Tory Andrews

Tory has his hard cock in hand, and now Jesse is sucking it like a lolipop.  How many licks would it take to get to the middle?

Tory Andrews Ass Fucked

Boom in and out goes Jesse’s firm cock inside Tory’s tight asshole. This bottom boy takes that cock like a pro, and judging by the look on his face as the set goes on, he is loving every second of the dick pounding action.  The best part is the very end when Tory gets a massive shot of jizz on his smooth chest.

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