Sebastian Plows Tory Andrews

In the previous post I showed you Sebastian and Tory Andrews as they had a little foreplay, but we all know where they were heading for.   Well this post features the end result of their passion from the Freshman X set.  Which was with Tory flat on his back with his asshole stuffed full of Sebastian’s hard cock.   In and out, in and out the cock glides as these guys get closer to reaching full orgasm.  Who wants to distract Sebastian, so I can go finish off on Tory’s tight ass?

Topless Tory Andrews & Sebastian

Check out the intensity in Sebastian’s eyes as he looks at Tory with that passion.  Clearly he wants to tear that ass up.

Tory Andrews Sucks Cock

What a little tease!  Tory works his tongue around just the tip of Seb’s cock.   This boy knows how to play with a man’s junk!

Sebastian Fucks Tory Andrews

Tory is flat on his back with his arms over his head while his ass gets violated hardcore by a large hard cock.  Sebastian strokes his dick in and out of Tory’s tight asshole.  Both boys near the point of orgasm and that means its jizz shot time!

Tory Andrews & His Hot Friends Await You Inside Freshman X Now!

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