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Tory Andrews Sucking Cock

We’ve seen Tory Andrews get blown, so now its time to watch Tory give the head in this video.  With his buddy Sebastian laying on the bed with his hard cock full exposed, Tory glides in with his mouth open ready to deep throat him some cock.  The full video at Freshman X continues with […]

Sebastian Plows Tory Andrews

In the previous post I showed you Sebastian and Tory Andrews as they had a little foreplay, but we all know where they were heading for.   Well this post features the end result of their passion from the Freshman X set.  Which was with Tory flat on his back with his asshole stuffed full of […]

Cute Boys Tory & Sebastian

Sebastian and Tory Andrews have shown up today looking to tear each other up.   Tory’s eyes opened wide when we introduced to him to Sebastian for the first time.  It was clear the sexual attraction between these two gay boys was legit.   In this set from FreshmanX, we get witness these two horny guys as […]