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Tory Andrews Firm Bare Ass

Gay porn star Tory Andrews is one sexy twink and he is always down to share his cock with the world.  Its part of the reason he got into porn in the first place as he finds it a major turn on.  In this set from Freshman X, Tory slowly strips out of his t-shirt […]

Tory Andrews Hard Cock

In this great solo set of gay porn actor Tory Andrews, we get to sit back and stroke it as Tory slowly teases his dick until he is rock hard and ready to step up the pace of his masturbation.  The whole goal after this is to bust a nut all over his smooth chest.  […]

Tory Andrews Sucking Cock

We’ve seen Tory Andrews get blown, so now its time to watch Tory give the head in this video.  With his buddy Sebastian laying on the bed with his hard cock full exposed, Tory glides in with his mouth open ready to deep throat him some cock.  The full video at Freshman X continues with […]

Sebastian Plows Tory Andrews

In the previous post I showed you Sebastian and Tory Andrews as they had a little foreplay, but we all know where they were heading for.   Well this post features the end result of their passion from the Freshman X set.  Which was with Tory flat on his back with his asshole stuffed full of […]

Cute Boys Tory & Sebastian

Sebastian and Tory Andrews have shown up today looking to tear each other up.   Tory’s eyes opened wide when we introduced to him to Sebastian for the first time.  It was clear the sexual attraction between these two gay boys was legit.   In this set from FreshmanX, we get witness these two horny guys as […]

Tory Andrews Blowjob Video

In this video from Freshman X, we get to sit back and spank to Tory Andrews getting his cock sucked off by his buddy Jesse.   Flat on his back, and his eyes trained on what Jesse is doing, Tory lays there clearly enjoying the moment.  Who doesn’t love getting their dick sucked right? After this […]

Tory Andrews Ass Fucked Hard

Raise your free hand if you want to see Tory Andrews get his tight ass fucked hard.   Well that is just what we have in store for you in this Freshman X set featuring Tory and his boy Jesse.   In the past post we saw that Tory was about to start blowing Jesse’s cock, but […]

Tory Andrews Fucked By Jesse

Shaggy haired boy Tory Andrews is sitting with his buddy Jesse and looking to get a good hard dicking.   That is exactly what happens as these two boys raging hormones take over and they begin to fuck like wild rabbits.  In this FreshmanX set, Tory Andrews ends up taking the bottom position and opening his […]

Tory Andrews Jerks Off On Bed

We walk in on the video of Tory Andrews masturbating on the bed mid stroke.  He is clearly deep into his wild fantasies and stroking with some raw passion.   Get that dick boy!   Tory has been a star since his debut in gay porn in 2008.   Sometimes I wish Tory would take the top once […]

Tory Gets Naked In Backyard

It’s time for some public nudity with our favorite gay pornstar Tory Andrews.  Already with his shirt off, and his ripped abs exposed, Tory is ready to get those shorts off and let his cock feel the stiff breeze.   Nothing gets this bottom boy off more than being naked and masturbating outdoors.   Even if it […]